Tutor and Supervisor

Upon enrollment, each PhD student is assigned a tutor. The tutor supports the student in the selection of the supervisor and provides coaching throughout the duration of the PhD. The tutor must be either a member of the faculty of the University of Genova or a member of the PhD Program Board. The supervisor assigned to each candidate provides scientific guidance to the student. Supervisors are responsible for the scientific and research training of the student and for providing the resources that are needed to carry on research activities.

Credit System

The PhD Program offers PhD students a large choice of topics, engaging courses and a rich schedule of seminars by scientists of high international reputation. The courses organized locally are usually in a compressed format (about one week) and are open to PhD students and researchers from other institutions.

A preliminary list of courses offered by the PhD Program is available here. If relevant to their research interest, students may also take courses offered by other PhD Programs. (A selection of additional courses that might be of interest can be found here.) If you are interested in taking a course, please send an email to the instructor. (This is important since each course will be held only if a minimum number of participants is reached.)

Over the whole, three-year duration of the program, PhD students are required to get at least 180 credits in the following categories:

Training Activities

Training Activities include courses covering topics that are specific to a given curriculum (intra-curriculum courses) and courses that cover topics that are relevant to two or more curricula (inter-curriculum courses). Given the multidisciplinary character of the PhD program, students are required to take at least 2 intra-curriculum courses for a total of at least 12 CFU and at least 2 inter-curriculum courses for a total of at least of 12 CFU. The list of the courses offered may vary over the years. In addition, other PhD programmes might offer courses that can be proposed by the student in agreement with his/her supervisor and evaluated by the PhD Coordinator and by the Curriculum Coordinator.

Management and Organization Activities

Management and Organization Activities include courses on research methodology (e.g. how to write a paper or write a research grant, management of research) and participation in seminars and scientific conferences as well as in organization activities (e.g. organizing PhD seminars, poster sessions, schools). Poster sessions will be organized at the end of Year 1 and Year 2 to promote the exchange of ideas among curricula. Each student must take at least one course on research methodology. PhD students may carry out activities of tutoring for bachelor/master students and, within maximum 60 hours each academic year, activities of teaching assistance. These activities must be previously authorized by the PhD Program Board and they will not entail any increase in the scholarship.